-  Akitu Festival and Its Derivatives

 -  Alien Question – An Expanded Perspective

 -  Anunnaki Main File

 - ¿De Donde Venimos?

 -  Dilumn, Gods And Alien Connections

 - “Dios”,… el Divino Mentiroso

 -  Egypt – The Land of Kem Main File

 -  El Dilema de Lucifer y el Poder de Anu - extracto de ‘Cosmologia Pleyadiana’

 -  El Génesis Revisado

 -  Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq

 -  Flying Serpents and Dragons

 -  Future Technology From The Past

 -  Genesis Revisited

 - “God” – …The Divine Liar

 -  History of Ancient Sumer

 -  Las Crónicas del Gírkù - Material Citado de Libros, Entrevistas y Comunicaciones por Anton Parks

 -  Las Edades de Uraš - La Historia Profunda del Planeta Tierra y Sus Pueblos

 -  La Serpiente de Vida y Sabiduría

 -  La Teoría del Planeta Oscuro Main File

 -  Legends of the Garden of Eden and The Angels

 -  Lilith, Inanna and Hillary

 -  Nibiru – El Planeta X  ó  Hercolobus Main File

 -  Nuestra Historia Borrada

 -  Planet X Research - Sitchin, Velikovsky, Harrington, Malachi, Hapgood

 - ¿Quien es Ea?

 -  Saddam Hussein, La Escalera al Cielo y El Regreso del Planeta X

 -  Saddam Hussein, The Stairway to Heaven and The Return of Planet X

 -  Serpientes y Dragones Voladores

 -  Slave Species of God – The Shocking Truth About Our Human Origins

 -  Sumerian Artifacts – Collection

 -  Tecnología Futurística del Pasado

 -  Terra Papers - A História Secreta do Planeta Terra

 -  Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth

 -  Terra Papers - La Historia Secreta del Planeta Tierra

 -  The Chronicles of The Gírkù - Quoted Materials from Books, Interviews, and Communications by Anton Parks

 -  There Are Mistranslations in The Bible and The Word Elohim Can Be Used as a Plural

 -  The Serpent of Life and Wisdom

 -  The Sumerian Thread - The Stargates – As Above, So Below

 -  Timeline of The Authentic Tradition

 -  Una Perspectiva Exopolitica en La Guerra Preventiva Contra Irak - Puertas Estelares Están Directamente Involucradas…

 -  Where Do We Come From?

 -  Who is Ea?

 -  Ziggurat of UR - The Ancients

Additional Information

 -  Adam’s Calender - A Rich and Diverse History of Humanity

 -  A Lost City of the Aramu Muru

 -  A Mathematical Analysis of Ancient History

 -  Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa

 -  Ancient Mound Builders – Who Were They - The Beginning Of The Great Coverup On The History Of Man

 -  Angels – A History of Angels In Western Thought

 -  Antiguos Constructores de Montículos ¿Quienes Fueron? - El Comienzo Del Gran Encubrimiento en La Historia del Hombre

 -  Aset (Isis) Heals Horus

 -  Climate Change and The Collapse of The Akkadian Empire – Evidence From the Deep Sea

 -  Discovering The Oldest Manmade Structures on Earth

 -  El Desaparecido Gran Planeta Tiamat - ¿La Tercera Roca Desde el Sol Fue Alguna Vez la Quinta Roca Desde el Sol?

 - “El Libro Perdido de Enki - Notas Sobre El Origen de La Humanidad Recogido en Las Tablillas Sumerias

 -  Enki – Satan

 -  Hittite Myths – ‘Kingship in Heaven’ & ‘Song of Ullikummi’

 -  Ishtarism Coming Out of The Closet In American Churches!

 -  La Cuestión Alienígena – Una Visión Ampliada - Un Análisis en Detalle

 -  Lake Van Details

 -  Las Piedras Azules de La Atlántida - Irlanda y la Tribu perdida de E.A.

 -  Lilith - Main File

 -  Looters Riddle Ancient Iraqi Sites with Holes

 -  Mesopotamians And Their Gods

 -  Ningishzidda and Ishkur - The Anunnaki Connections Between Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Mesoamerica

 -  Observación Sobre la “Cofradía de la Serpiente

 -  Parallels Between the Hopi and the Sumerian Cultures

 -  Reports Related to Saddam Hussein - Main File

 -  Significance of Iranian Flying Saucer Reports for The US Military Occupation in Iraq

 -  Sirio - Main File

 -  Sitchin’s Mesopotamian Rocket Ships - How to Ignore Ancient Mesopotamian Dictionaries

 -  Stargates, Ancient Rituals, And Those Invited Through The Portal - Metaphysical Nonsense, or…

 -  The Alien Question – An Expanded Perspective - A White Paper

 -  The Ark’s Missing Piece

 -  The Babylonian Woe - A Study of the Origin of Certain Banking Practices

 -  The Blue Stones of Atlantis - Ireland And The Lost Tribe of E.A.

 -  The Case of the “Intelligent Designer

 -  The Exploded Planet Hypothesis – 2000

 -  The History Of The Illuminati - How the Celtic Peoples Were Enslaved by Babylonian Tyrants

 -  The Late Great Planet Tiamat

 -  The Location of Planet X - by R.S.Harrington

 -  The Magan Text

 -  The Nag Hammadi Library - Main File

 -  The Necronomicon - Main File

 -  The Nineveh Constant and The Art of Time Travel

 -  The Pokotia Monument

 -  The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness - The War Scroll, 1QM

 -  Thoth-Hermes / Ningishzidda-Ishkur / Quetzalcoatl-Viracocha - Main File

 -  Time - from “Secret History of the World”

 -  Was That The Papal We? – Was Judaism’s ‘Hierarchy’ Designed for Enlil’s Ghost Hunger?

Ancient Sumer Related Information:

 -  Adapa’s Treatise On Sumerian Religion

 -  Atra-Hasis Epic

 -  Descent of Ishtar to The Nether World

 -  Enki and Ninhursag

 -  Enki And The World Order

 -  Enki Builds the E-engurra at Eridu

 -  ENUMA ELISH – The Epic Of Creation - Main File

 -  Erra and Ishum aka The Erra Epic

 -  Excursus on Gilgamesh

 -  Inanna and Enki – The Transfer of the Arts of Civilization

 -  Inana’s Descent To The Nether World

 -  Lamentation Texts

 -  Mesopotamian Gods Table

 -  Sumerian King List

 -  Sumerian Table of Gods - The Nibiruan Council Of Twelve and their names translated

 -  The Admonitions of Ipuwer

 -  The Apocalypse of Moses

 -  The Books and Information on Adam and Eve - Main File

 -  The Code of Hammurabi

 -  The Creation of the Pickax

 -  The Cursing of Agade

 -  The Dispute Between Emesh and Enten

 -  The Epic of Gilgamesh

 -  The Exploits of Ninurta or Ninurta Lugal-e - Hymns to Ninurta

 -  The Legend of Adapa

 -  The Legend of Naram-Sin or The Cursing of Agade

 -  The Myth of Cattle and Grain

 -  The Myth of Enki and Eridu - Enki And Eridu – The Journey Of The Water-God To Nippur

 -  The Myth of Etana

 -  The Myth of Zu

 -  The Slavonic Adam and Eve

 -  The Stelae of Adda-Guppi

 -  The Table of Nations

 -  The Tablet of Adapa


 -  Ádam Genisiš - Les Chroniques Du Girku – by Anton Parks

 -  Children of The Matrix - by David Icke

 -  Code Red – The Coming Destruction of America 2004 - by David Booth

 -  El Mayor Secreto - por David Icke

 -  El Regreso de Inanna - por V.S. Ferguson

 -  El Secreto de Las Estrellas Oscuras - Las Crónicas del Girku - Volumen 1 – por Anton Parks

 -  Gods Of The New Millennium - The Shattering Truth of Human Origin – by Alan Alford

 -  Le Secret des Etoiles Sombres - Les Chroniques Du Girku – by Anton Parks

 -  The Babylonian Woe - A Study of The Origin of Certain Banking Practices – by David Astle

 -  The Biggest Secret - by David Icke

 -  The Celestial Ship of The North - by E. Valentia Straiton

 -  The Gods of Eden – Los Dioses del Eden - por  William Bramley

 -  The Secret Side of History - Mystery Babylon and The New World Order – by Dee Zahner

Crónicas de La Tierra – The Earth Chronicles - by Zecharia Sitchin

 -  Earth Chronicles Timeline

 -  Divine Encounters

 -  El 12º Planeta

 -  El Libro Perdido de Enki

 -  Genesis Revisited

 -  The 12th Planet

 -  The Cosmic Code

 -  The Lost Book of Enki - Memories and Prophecies of An Extraterrestrial God

 -  The Lost Realms

 -  The Stairway to Heaven

 -  The Wars of Gods and Men

 -  When Time Began

Multimedia and Ancient Monuments of Iraq

 -  Galería de Imágenes (Sumeria)

 -  Map with Iraq’s Threatened Heritage

 -  Multimedia – Map with Iraq’s Threatened Heritage

 - Reptilianos – La Hermandad de La Serpiente:

  1 - Reptiles – La Historia de Hathor

  2 - Masones Reptilianos

  3 - Invasion de Los Dioses Celestes

  4 - Arte e Historia Reptiliana

 -  Registros Sumerios

 -  Slides Presentation

 -  Sumerians Did Know!!!

 -  Sumeria – Nuestros Origenes Extraterrestres Desde Mesopotamia

 -  The Sumerian Flood

 -  U.S. Covers Up Ancient Info Detailing End of Times!

Related Reports

 -  About Michael Sokolov - Main File


 -  Creation Myths of Civilizations

 -  Dan Winter and his Work - Main File

 -  Descendants of The AN.UNNA.KI

 -  Different Typologies of Extraterrestrials - Main File

 -  El Continente de Mu o Lemuria - Main File

 -  Enki’s Chronicles – Mars

 -  Enki Speaks - based on Zecharia Sitchin’s epic The LOST BOOK OF ENKI

 -  Exopolitics and Michael E. Salla - Main File

 -  Flying Serpents and Dragons

 -  Gold for Humans and Others - Main File

 -  Hamlet’s Mill

 -  Jehovah – Yahweh – YHWH – Adonai - Main File

 -  La Atlantida - Main File

 -  Merovingios – Los Reyes Perdidos - Main File

 -  Messages From Andean and American Civilizations - Main File

 -  Neil Freer and The Alien Question - Main File

 -  Nibiru – el Planeta X  - Main File

 -  Origen de la Vida y del Hombre - Main File

 -  Sumerian/Mesopotamian Mythology

 -  The Ancient Astronauts Theory

 -  The Biggest Secret - The Book

 -  The Cosmic Tree

 -  The Dragon Court - Main File

 - “The Family - Main File

 -  The Necronomicon - Main File

 -  The Occult Reptilian Saga - Main File

 -  The Watchers – Nephilim - Main File

 -  The Wingmakers – Los Hacedores de Alas - Main File

 -  Zecharia Sitchin, Sumeria, Los Anunnaki y Nibiru - Main File

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